Let Sally work for you

What will Sally do for you

  1. Customer service automation 🤗
    Sally is a virtual agent, available 24\7 (it does sound better than Chatbot, right?!), who takes care of all customer needs once a purchase is made. Sally communicates with your customers via Messenger, Email and SMS. Sally sends your customers notifications regarding their purchase, feedback & reviews, and promo codes. Using FB Messenger, Sally can actually communicate with your customers in free language, and they can chat with her just like they would chat with their friends (we think that the most amazing thing about her is that she never gets moody :)).

  2. Purchase & shipment details all in one place 😎
    Give your shoppers what they want! With Sally, your customers can very simply get all the information they want about their orders, via the platform if their choice, quickly & easily! 

  3. Social proofs & real feedbacks 😘
    Once goods are collected, Sally closes the loop with your customers, making sure everything went just the way it was supposed to be. Sally lets you send a social review of your choice by push, and set the ground for upselling.

  4. Upsell! 🤑
    Sally leverages her engagement with your customers! Sally sends your customers promo codes, free shipping coupons, and hot deal promotions. Just like when you call to get your cables fixed, and end up with a new tv :).

Setup the app 

Notifications -
Sally engages with your customer voluntarily, following your orders.

This is the place to set up which of Sally’s notifications you want her to send automatically, and which will be provided on customer’s demand. (take into account that SMS & Email only send notifications)

Customer Service Notifications

At the bottom of the page, you can set up how many days after collection\fulfillment Sally will send a feedback & review push in order to make sure everything went okay and create social proof.

Customer service feedback notification

Agent escalation -
Set up which mail address you want Sally to use to interact with you. Sally will send you unsolved tickets. When you get one of those emails, reply here, where the arrow is, and Sally will send your answer to the shopper immediately.

Agent escalation

Feedback & reviews -
This is the place to get your social proof! Set the link to your facebook\Instagram\pinterest and utilize Sally's amazing customer service.

Feedback & Review

Returns -
Make your returns process as clean as a whistle! Set up all of your demands,  required info from your customers and questions you need them to answer. You will make the entire return process easy for you and for your customers!

Automatic customer service - Returns

FAQs -
In our opinion, this is Sally's most important capability. E-commerce questions are very generic. These 18 questions are as popular as Beyonce, but a good answer provides tons of value for your shoppers. Setup thoughtful and honest answers to acquire customers loyalty!

Automatic customer service - FAQ