Boost your customer service with these 3 simple things!

Boost your customer service with these 3 simple things!

Making post-purchase count

These days, businesses’ main focus is to create the perfect customer experience: one that will maximize the satisfaction of it’s consumers, up to the point of purchase. Unfortunately, many retailers tend to leave their post-purchase experience behind - and it appears to be a big mistake.

According to recent marketing metrics, converting a deal with an existing client is at least 3 times more likely than acquiring a new prospect. Furthermore, it’s 6 to 7 times cheaper. While crossing both those stats, the imminent conclusion must be that an existing customer is a low risk high reward investment. So, what's the best way to keep your existing clients on your side? an efficient post-purchase service.


Maximize your shoppers' loyalty and bring them back, Faster.

Maximize your shoppers' loyalty and bring them back, Faster.

But what makes one?

Good post-purchase service must be based on three simple features: 

  1. Make it personal - In order to make your client come back to your shop, strive to create a personal and even emotional contact with them. The service you’ll provide must be polite, kind and humble (incorporating some sense of humor is always a bonus).

  2. Make it helpful - Don't let your client get lost! all the required information such as shipping alerts, returns, order details and customer care must be centered in one place.

  3. Make it accessible - No matter when, where, or how - your clients must have an easy and permanent access to all of their purchases, without waiting or being dependent on human assistance.

The E-Commerce post-purchase paradox

Although this sounds quite simple, few are the businesses that manage to provide their customers with good post-purchase service. Why? because of the costs: Maintaining a 24/7 personal service is costly and unreachable for most organizations.

The answer is AUTOMATION: Automating customer care services helps keeping low costs while providing super service. Your automated agent is always available, can communicate with your customers in their preferred medium, provide personal conversations, and does it all automatically with no need for a real human to interfere, saving costs.

Bringing automation to the world of customer care allows small and medium size businesses (SMBs) to provide the same level of service provided by large businesses (and even better), but in a much more affordable way.


Sounds simple, right?
Well, apparently the available post-purchase services are failing at making a system that will combine all of these features together. But here is where we come in:

Sally, the first post-purchase assistant, automates post-purchase conversations for e-commerce sellers. By doing so she shortens the gap between 2 sales, and increases customer lifetime value. See Sally in action!

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